Threaded Rods & Studs are the preferred products for fastening pipe flanges, as well as many other applications.

Studs are available fully threaded, double & single end thread. Fully threaded Studs are usually used when flange bolting with two Nuts applied.

ASTM A193, A320, A354, A453, Carbon Steel, Stainless & non Ferrous grades B5, B6, B7, B7M, B8… Duplex 2205™Hastelloy C276™ …..(see entire list here)


General Purpose Studs

Note: length is measured end to end. Available in NC & NF, Class 2A Fit.

High Temp/Pressure Studs

Note: length is measured 1st thread to 1st thread. Available in NC Class 2A Fit 1″ diameter & under. Over 1″ are 8 TPI Class 2A.

Double End Studs

Note: available in many styles & types. Contact us with your requirements.